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IT Audit - no obligation quote

When you’re busy running your business and looking after customers, you may not have much time to think about your computer or how your digital communications systems are functioning. Technology is constantly changing, and what worked a few years ago may not be the most efficient solution for today’s digital environment.

We can perform a no obligation audit and report of your systems and digital processes while providing recommendations to give your business a competitive edge.

Low fixed fee contracts

Ensuring up to date technology and secure communications is a major requirement for today’s businesses. We make it easier for you to stay on top of your IT systems by being on call as needed with an optional low fixed fee maintenance contract.

Pay as you go

Every business operates differently, so that is why we provide optional service arrangements based on a fixed fee contract or “pay-as-you-go” option that lets you call on our services as needed. The choice is yours.

1 – 4 hour response

When you need help with your digital systems, we understand that your business can’t function properly without these. Regardless of whether you retain us on a contract or have a pay-as-you-go arrangement, we will give you a response within one to four hours of your call.

Jar­gon free zone

As a business owner or manager, when you report an IT problem, the last thing you want is to be asked questions in jargon that you don’t understand. We understand the frustration that may be caused by speaking in technical language and will always talk plainly so the problem can be identified and fixed quickly.

We’re here for you!

Help when and where you need it.

Timely accessibility is a huge factor in trusting an IT supplier to safeguard your data and communication matters. No one understands this better than Streamactive Solutions. Just call us on (02) 9586 1001 or you can email us at or visit to let us know you need help.

We guarantee we’ll be there when you need us!

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