Wide range of Services


Is your business operating at its maximum efficiency? Everything changes in this world, and every day new tools and technologies are emerging which enable businesses of every size to operate with a greater level of efficiency and security.

When you are managing a business day to day, you often see opportunities for efficiency improvement, however finding time to fully explore these opportunities and implement changes is another matter. The Streamactive Solutions team specialises in helping businesses just like yours, so why wait any longer for the chance to improve your bottom line?


Today, nothing is more important than the security of your data and the way it is shared and handled between your internal teams. Serious data breaches can destroy your business or enable others to disrupt or plunder your hard-earned intellectual assets.

We are able to conduct an audit of your security systems, passwords and multiple access levels and install safeguards to ensure that your data is kept secure.

Data sharing

Never before has file sharing and task collaboration being more important to a business. With so many people working remotely, whether locally nationally or globally, it is essential that critical files, notes, projects and instructions can be shared instantaneously.

Streamactive Solutions understands your needs and is able to configure data sharing to suit your business.

Data backup

How often do you hear sad stories of businesses that have not kept their backup files up to date? Apart from the inconvenience, not having data to back up during system crashes or data becomes infected by a virus can mean having to spend countless hours in recovery of information or at worst, total loss of key data.

Streamactive Solutions can ensure that you have constant data backup so that information is always immediately recoverable.


Data networks are the lifeblood of a business and its processes, ensuring that data communications and document flow is handled in the most efficient manner.

It may be that your network that was set up previously may not be functioning as well as possible, or you may like to just have the experts to check it out to see if there are more cost-effective, reliable and more secure solutions. We have the ability to assess your needs and make the right recommendations for your business.

System Migration

Migration of an old system to a cloud-based solution or a more advanced system can be a time-consuming and daunting task for those who don't do this every day of the week.

Streamactive Solutions specialises in major system migrations and can provide a valuable service and training facility to ensure that system migration happens smoothly, quickly, without problems and with appropriate training where needed.